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Famous Rocky Mountain State Watering Holes

There are many great watering holes for those people who love for nothing more than to throw back a few drinks during a vacation, or just for fun, in the Rocky Mountain State. One thing to keep in mind is that although many bars and pubs, or lounges, might claim that they are the best, the reality is that some of them aren’t. The following are two of the proven best watering holes that a person can visit while in Colorado if they are feeling brave and want to check out some of the very best brews that are available.

The Strange Brewing Company in Colorado is known not only for its great name, ADT Home Security, but its many great vintages and samples that customers can try out. This is definitely a great place to go if you want to test out different tastes.

The Denver Beer Company in Colorado also features many great homemade brews that are unique to their company and that cannot really be found anywhere else. They are just one of the 18 different companies that provide brews.

Along with these two great companies there are many more to be discovered for those who are willing to explore!

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