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Out of the Way Lounges in Historic Colorado

Colorado is part of the old west. This history is present even in the bars and lounges found in this state. If you are looking for an older lounge with some character, indulge yourself with a visit to the bars listed below.
In 1862 Silverthorne, Colorado became home to The Mint. The Mint is the oldest operating bar in this state. It still is known by its original name and is in the original structure. When their building was built, Colorado was not even a state yet, and the Civil War was just beginning.

The J-Bar is a historic bar outside of Hotel Jerome in Aspen. At the J-Bar you can treat yourself to a milk shake called the “Aspen Crud”, which is said to have been created around prohibition. It contains five scoops of vanilla ice cream and three ounces of bourbon.

The Buckhorn Exchange bar in Denver has been mistakenly labeled as the oldest bar in the state. Opened in 1893, it is not the oldest bar. It does, however, possess state liquor license number one which was issued several years after prohibition ended.

If you want your drinking and social experience to involve more than just a drink and a fancy atmosphere, try The J-Bar, The Buckhorn Exchange or The Mint. You can enjoy your drink and relax, all while being immersed in Colorado history. No one ever said drinking could not be educational.

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