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Top Five Lounges in Denver, Colorado

Denver is home to several top-notch lounges. A trip to Denver will give you the opportunity to explore plenty of nightlife.

Start your trip with a visit to the historic Wynkoop Brewing Company located at 1634 18th Street in downtown Denver. The toughest choice of the night will be deciding where to sit. If your perfect night is some great pub food and some quiet conversation, then choose to sit on the first floor. If you perfect night, on the other hand, includes pool and a taste of homebrew, then choose the second floor. If your choice is some great beer and improv comedy then choose the basement.

If your trip to Denver, is all about getting dressed up and getting seen, then choose Funky Buddha. Try the martinis at this lounge, then prepare to dance the night away to salsa, trance and hip-hop music played by some of Denver’s best DJs.

Located inside Denver’s oldest hotel, the Oxford Hotel, at 1600 17th Street is The Cruise Room. The Cruise Room was opened in 1933. Guests at The Cruise Room are welcomed aboard a room decorated to look like a 1930s bar aboard the Queen Mary.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor atmosphere at a lounge, then try -5 Degrees located at 1475 Lawrence Street. This lounge has been selected as the most romantic lounge in Denver several times. Do not miss the outstanding vodka or the specialty martinis.

If you are looking for a sports lounge, then you simply must check out Spill located at 1410 Market Street. You can catch all the action on the wide screen televisions.

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