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Colorado Lounges that the Locals Recommend

There are a couple lounges in Colorado that the locals highly recommend. The first one is called Keg Lounge in Manitou Springs Colorado. The locals say the food is great and the bar is relaxing. One local said it is a nice place to sit and have a drink if you’re tired out from ruining around town all day. On the food subject, a local said it is the best steak in town. The local says he will never go anywhere else for a steak. He also says the menu has so many other exceptional choices. Sounds like a great place to try out.

Another lounge that locals recommend is called Jorge’s Sombrero Restaurant and Lounge. This lounge is located in Pueblo Colorado. The locals say it is the best place to get Mexican food and relax in Pueblo. Almost all the locals agree that the green chili is the perfect thing to get. If you had a long day at work, this place is highly recommended to go afterwards to relax. You can go in and order a margarita and just sit in the lounge and just kick back. If you’re ever in Pueblo, definitely stop By Jorge’s. I know I will be.

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